When Wonder Woman steps off the boat and takes in the grimy sights of a turn-of-the-century London for the first time in her eponymous film, there’s an interesting bit of background action that might otherwise go unnoticed. Amidst the traffic, she approaches an escape artist who is shackled on first view, then in the second it takes her to walk past him, obscuring him from view, he’s remarkably and noticeably unshackled.

This might mean nothing, but it might also be one of the film’s most interesting DC-universe Easter eggs.

DC Comics has a famous escape artist superhero named Mister Miracle, who has a direct tie to the DC universe’s “Fourth World” characters, like Darkseid, Steppenwolf and the parademons that they’re going to introduce in November’s Justice League film. The Fourth World was the unofficial name for a series of DC books created by Marvel legend Jack Kirby, who jumped ship from working with Stan Lee at the very birth of the Marvel universe to join DC Comics in the early 1970s. Books like The New Gods,The Forever People and Mister Miracle introduced all-new DC characters with the kind of cosmic mythology Kirby made famous at Marvel.

If you know your DC characters, you might be thinking that the escape artist in Wonder Woman looked like an older gent, not remotely resembling the superhero Mister Miracle, but the character that comic fans know had a mentor with the same name. The first Mister Miracle was Thaddeus Brown, an aged escape artist and mere mortal, who passed on his mantle to Scott Free, the superhero DC fans recognize as the definitive Mister Miracle.

Free was part of an unusual gamble in which two infants were traded by intergalactic “New Gods” to prove a point. The New God Darkseid’s son Orion was raised by the kindly Highfather on Highfather’s paradise planet of New Genesis, while Highfather’s son Scott Free was raised by Darkseid’s cruel hand on the hellhole world known as Apokolips. Orion grows up to be a hero who constantly struggles against his darkest tendencies; Scott Free also grows into heroism, escaping his adopted home world to travel to Earth and using tech from the New Gods to help humanity (he was even a member of the Justice League for a time).

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Wonder Woman hasn’t even been in theaters a week, and it’s already one of the top 10 highest-grossing movies of the year. And it’s already an award winner, too. Last night, the Golden Trailer Awards honored the DC superhero movie with its top prize of Best in Show. Wonder Woman also won the awards for best fantasy/adventure movie trailer and best summer 2017 blockbuster poster.

Technically, the movie itself isn’t being recognized, just parts of its marketing. Specifically, the spot called “What She Is” (see below) was recognized at the event, which names winners in 115 categories. Another DC Comics based release, The Lego Batman Movie, was the most-awarded movie, winning in five categories, including best animated/family film trailer, best voiceover in a TV spot and best radio ad.

Marvel won some, too: best opening weekend award went to Captain America: Civil War and best summer 2017 blockbuster TV spot went to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Also, Logan was honored for having the best music in a trailer. Oscar winners La La LandMoonlight and Manchester by the Sea received honors alongside upcoming movies Baby DriverDunkirk and Blade Runner 2049.

Another one of Wonder Woman‘s trailers, called “Darkness,” was nominated in the best summer 2017 blockbuster trailer category but lost to Atomic Blonde. And its “teaser” poster, which won the award mentioned above, lost in the fantasy/adventure category to Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

See the list of all the nominees and winners on the Golden Trailer website, and watch a selection of honorees below.


Best Animation/Family: The Lego Batman Movie “Domestic Trailer”


Best Action Trailer: Baby Driver “Burn Out”


Best Comedy: The House “Bets”


Best Drama: Dunkirk “Home”


Best Horror: It “Slide”


Best Summer 2017 Blockbuster: Atomic Blonde “Online”


And here’s that winning Wonder Woman poster:

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Wonder Woman has become such a worldwide phenomenon that it’s surprising a sequel has not yet been officially confirmed. Nor has director Patty Jenkins (above with Gal Gadot) been officially tapped to return, though she says she’s “excited and hopeful” about the possibility.

Still, at least we know that Gadot will reprise her role as the titular character. She became known as Diana Prince in the movie, which was set largely during World War I. We know, of course, that Wonder Woman survives to eventually appear in the modern-day Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but during what time period might a Wonder Woman sequel be set?

Asked last month if a potential sequel might take place in the modern day or sometime during the century past, Jenkins toldUproxx: “It is for sure — I’m definitely planning something more interesting using that period of time. Definitely, it’s the plan. I can’t say what it is! But it’s definitely right in the pocket of what you’re talking about.” A few weeks later, we heard that Jenkins and producer Geoff Johns were working on a treatment for a sequel; Johns said: “We’ve got a cool idea for the second one.”


Now comes word about the sequel’s time period. The movie is “set during the 1980s,” according to Screen Rant, and “will send Diana against the forces of [the] Soviet Union in the closing days of the Cold War.”

That would be a leap of more than six decades in time from the first movie. What’s even more surprising, though, especially for those who have seen Wonder Woman, is the claim that Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) will also return. Of course, we’re talking about a series that features superpowered humans and the descendants of gods, so perhaps we shouldn’t worry too much about the improbable return of a certain beloved character.

Wonder Woman

As far as the prospect of setting the movie in the 1980s, the decade has become a ripe field for filmmakers to explore. X-Men: Apocalypse, for example, was set largely in 1983. Perhaps coincidentally, in 1980 a new version of Steve Trevor joined the DC comic book universe and teamed with Wonder Woman. We’ll have to wait and see if these reports about the sequel prove to be true.

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Few movies rule 2017 like Wonder Woman. The DC superhero movie is the second highest-grossing release of the year in the US and Canada, and it’s number five worldwide. Critically, it’s also one of the best-reviewed movies of the year, coming in sixth place on Rotten Tomatoes’ Summer Movie Scorecard with a 92%.

Now Wonder Woman is available on home video, including the premium digital video service FandangoNOW, and the Amazon princess is ruling the small screen, as well. Her movie is conquering the streaming space with a very strong first day of sales, and that’s not surprising at all.

Wonder Woman is the kind of film that you want to own at home,” says Fandango Correspondent Alicia Malone, “so that you can relive the thrills and introduce the wonders of Gal Gadot’s performance and Patty Jenkins’ spectacular filmmaking to new friends and family.”

Also, movie fans are excited about what Wonder Woman‘s success could mean for Hollywood’s future. Fandango polled men and women planning to purchase the movie on FandangoNow and received the following results:

– 94% look forward to more dynamic lead roles for women in movies

– 93% look forward to Gal Gadot’s next stint as Wonder Woman in this fall’s Justice League

– 92% want to see more women filmmakers like Patty Jenkins directing big action movies

Fans aren’t just picking up Wonder Woman’s solo adventure (for $19.99). There’s a two-movie bundle (for $24.99) with Wonder Woman and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where Diana made her big screen debut, and there’s a four-movie DC Extended Universe pack (for $39.99) with those two plus Suicide Squad and Man of Steel.

Plus, everyone who buys Wonder Woman through FandangoNOW gets 20% off all Fandango FanShop merchandise. ExpectWonder Woman hysteria to extend through the fall!